• First, Overview
  • then control can be equipped with SD (<4G).
  • Call internal pattern afterthe boot without SD ,calling SD of  animation effect after the boot with SD。RJ-FSD-8000 can send  DMX512 & TTL signal。
  • using standard DMX512 choose built-in patterns  speed and R G B/RGBW。
  • Can be more than one, the synchronization signal recommend no more than 50 meters, measured 100 meter.
  • The maximum drive 2048 pixels. The maximum refresh rate of 30 frame rate(<512 pixels)。
  • The maximum distance between the controller and lighting TTL is <15m;485 signal <30 meters  TTL simultaneously and then 10 or so pieces。



Power Supply AC:220
Specifications L256 *W 120* H40
Weight 0.8Kg
Power 5W




  • Second, support IC:
Support IC Specific models
TM TM1809 TM1812 TM1914
UCS UCS1903 UCS1909 UCS1912 UCS2903 UCS2909 UCS2912
WS WS2811 WS2801 WS2803
INK1003 INK1003
LPD LDP6803 LDP8806 LDP1109
D705 D705
SM SM16703 SM16716 SM16715






  • Wiring








  • Multiple controller for synchronous operation










  • DMX512


  • DMX512use 6CH pattern & speed RGB /RGBW.
  • Press [Mode] keydisplay A000, A representative DMX512 address, attention DMX address decode and use only standard DMX512 console.
  • Press [set] key save.
  • 1、using standard DMX512 choose built-in patterns  speed and R G B/RGBW。



  • KEY

[mode] power key display P S A.

P    pattern.  S    speed.  A    DMX512 address.

[SET ]    save key.

[UP ]     up  key

[DOWN] down key



  • Please pay attention to rain when installing