LED Full Color Controller RJ-FSD-1000D

  • First, Overview
  • Inside the pattern 102,then control can be equipped with SD (<4G).
  • Call internal pattern afterthe boot without SD ,calling SD of  animation effect after the boot with SD。RJ-FSD-1000D can send  DMX512 & TTL signal。
  • using standard DMX512 choose built-in patterns  speed and R G B/RGBW。
  • Can be more than one, the synchronization signal recommend no more than 50 meters, measured 100 meter.
  • The maximum drive 2048 pixels. The maximum refresh rate of 30 frame rate(<512 pixels)。
  • The maximum distance between the controller and lighting TTL is <15m;485 signal <30 meters  TTL simultaneously and then 10 or so pieces。


Power SupplyDC5-24V
SpecificationsL122 *W 73* H25

Second, support IC:

Support ICSpecific models
TMTM1803 TM1804 TM1913 TM1809 TM1812 TM1914 TM1829
UCSUCS2903 UCS2909 UCS2912 UCS1903 UCS1909 UCS1912
WSWS2801 WS2812 WS2811
LPDLDP6803 LDP8806 LDP1109
SMSM16716 SM16726 16703 DMX512
P9813 P9803
Other models, please contact our advice.

Three, automatic discriminant SD card or internal pattern

   Boot automatically when judging whether a card, a card call SD pattern, no card automatically calls the internal pattern.

  • pattern & speed.


  • under the SD card status ,you can select the pattern and speed through the key, where [on/off]key is invalid. No card and other operations ,as detailed below.
  • Press[mode/speed]Th second key to cycle through S001 and P001,S beginning representative rate, P beginning representative pattern (Figure 1),

this time through the [UP] and [DOWN] to increase or decrease.

  • Press the second button [MODE/SPEED} to display A000,A representative DMX512 address, attention DMX address decode and use only standard DMX512 console

control only useful built-in patterns. Increases and decreases with the UP and DOWN keys.

  • Wiring
  1. WS2811/2812  UCS1903/2903 SM16703 TM1803/1804/1812 etc. (TTL single wire  lamp)


Simple wiring mode

Standard wiring


  • Multiple controller for synchronous operation

1             2

TTL: single-and two-wire signal interface.

DAT: Data

CLK: Clock

GND: Signal ground

DMX512: selected models DMX512  DMX 512  signal is sent, the differential signal is sent when the other models;  board with 485 receiving the signal transmitted farther.

D+: DMX512 signal A

D-: DMX512 signal B,

GND: normal circumstances without wiring.

  • Internal pattern instructions

  • Election IC Type(Built-in mode only):


  • First press the [ON/Off] key to display OFF enter programming mode(Figure 1)
  • Then press the[Mode/Speed] Select (Figure 2),

choose the right model and then take [On/Off] key to exit.

  • Control points set(Built-in mode only)

1 2

First press the [ON/OFF] key to enter the programming screen display  OFF state.

[UP]and[DOWN] set points.

Then[On/Off] key to exit.

  • DMX512


1、using standard DMX512 choose built-in patterns  speed and R G B/RGBW。


  • Please pay attention to rain when installing